So you have  decided to come along to get some guitar tuition, great.

We meet for the first introductory lesson where we find out where you are at with your playing and what you expect from your lessons.

For  beginner level

  • When we get into lessons I  discuss things like, posture, tuning, string changing, metronome use, capo use, pick technique and strumming.
  • I then set about the task of equipping you with the 13 chords, these will be given at a rate that suits your progress, these will help access lots of songs.
  • You will get all necessary handouts, mp3, advice etc to allow you to learn these chords.
  • Your lesson content is logged and a practice suggestion is made for you.
  • We constantly review and re visit your learned chords to ensure you have them readily available beneath your finger tips..
  • We then take a look at playing in time using the metronome as an aid and some fun backing tracks.
  • Finally you will be shown how to play suggested rhythm patterns for guitar.
  • By this time you will be very close to starting your first song.
  • I have also written my own eBook/learning guide and disc so you have a reference point with you throughout just in case you forget stuff.
  • All in all you will receive a pretty comprehensive package that will see you well on your way to playing guitar.

I try to make sure that students learn at a pace they feel comfortable with, and in line with their ambitions.  If you want to start with learning tunes that have inspired you, we can look at including them in your tuition.  If you have more formal aspirations to learn and pass musical grades, I can build each lesson around achieving those sort of learning goals.

Beyond Beginner and we would look at:

  • Chord knowledge, shapes and positions and Barre chords
  • Guitar Tablature
  • Scales and how to use
  • Single string technique
  • Arpeggios
  • Metronome and speed
  • Right and Left hand technique
  • Basic Rhythm Patterns
  • Ear Training
  • Learning song of your choice

There are also other items that can be covered like Harmony and Theory, Songwriting and Recording, Notation, Chord/Rhythm Charts, Fingerstyle, Open/Altered Tunings and more.  The items listed above with bullet points are all good for a solid grounding but not an exhaustive list.

It is worth mentioning that each lesson has a good mix of practicing and playing and some confuse the two.  Please remember that: Practicing is ususally working on things you cannot currently do.  Playing is doing something that you already know…that’s the easier and more enjoyable one agree?

The first step along the way to learning is to come to visit me or book a home lesson so we can sit down – I can meet you and we can work out a plan.  Call me or contact me via email on this contact form below and let’s get started.  If you have already started learning or want to pick up from when you last learnt, there is never a better time than the present to seek inspiration and get a guitar lessons with me.


The First Step…

Give me a call on 07341 907 301 or use the contact form here
to get in touch and discuss your goals.

Money Back Guarantee
Try before you buy come and meet for the first lesson and if you don’t enjoy you don’t pay…!


  • Pete’s a great teacher, always very fair and honest. His website really reflects his personality and he always makes sure that the your’e happy with the lessons, if you are not happy with something then talk to Pete and he can fix it!  I’ve played for 15 years and had several tutors, I’ve always struggled with timing, but Pete took me back to basics and helped me get things tight. He’s completely changed my approach to playing, I recommend him highly!!!
    A Walker (Bromley Kent)
  • As a complete novice, I found Pete’s tuition easy to understand. Pete, himself, is very patient and his studio has a calm & pleasant atmosphere and his teaching relaxes you so that we also enjoy a laugh or two along the way.  In finding out which type of music I liked he was quick to adapt this to the song/s that I would be interested in learning to play, to keep my enthusiasm going whilst learning the guitar. Now I am progressing and am able to hear the beginnings of what sounds like the song I chose which is very satisfying for me.
    P Fisher (Orpington, Kent)