I hope I can share some of the passion and the enjoyment I get from playing electric and acoustic guitar with you, it’s such a versatile brilliant instrument.  Although I specialise in complete beginners I teach range of different students both male and female and of varying ages and ability levels and also teach children from some of the local and surrounding area schools.This all takes place in my new soundproof studio with WC and Air Conditioning for your comfort.

Does any of this sound familiar…

Head buried in a book not making much sense of it.

Trying to play what you have looked at and it just doesn’t sound right.

Getting confused by listening to the millions of guitar advisors out there on the internet.

Making sense of scales, chords, modes, arpeggios, timing, strumming etc.

Not having anybody around to talk with to help you understand and show you what may be going wrong.

Being unsure as to which guitar teacher to choose, will it work, how will I get on with him/her.

Progression is not really happening.

Getting fed up and leaving your guitar to gather dust, unless in a case, rarely to be used again.

Who wouldn’t be put off by having to endure all this and more.

The key to it all is really simple, no it really is, you need to make it enjoyable and if you do guess what, the results are sure to follow.

You need to find help  that allows you to enjoy the learning, lessons and practice and you will actually look forward to it.

As I say in my introduction video I do believe that my students really do enjoy that hour.

Very important question as getting it wrong can cost time and money and it is not always as easy as you might think it would be, after all you don’t know me yet do you?

I have a really high student retention rate which must mean one thing….they like what I do.

I am more than happy to give references for you to ask them yourself,  this is the very best way of finding out what they think of my teaching skills.Read the testimonials.  Another great advantage is that I am also a trained and qualified Business Coach and belong to the Association for Coaching and the EMCC and AoEC with whom I trained, including some of these skills in my own tuition style has helped students enormously.

I have been teaching students to play guitar and learn music for over 25 years.  I offer a method to progress your playing in an easy to understand way and I’m approved by the Registry of Guitar Tutors RGT (Specialists in Guitar Education) for your confidence.




A lot of work goes into my guitar lessons including writing and producing my own learning material, this is unique material and something you will not be able to access elsewhere – I really do care about helping others play.

I will get you playing guitar the easiest way forward and not bog you down in too much theory (unless you would like to of course, then I can certainly help)  but most of us just want to play (and not Twinkle Twinkle or Michael Row The Boat Ashore, these are ancient and not inspirational at all really) and to do this you will need some help with fundamentals first.

You don’t have to read music to play, in fact a lot of very good and famous players cannot read music and many who can learned after they could play.  Guitar tab is encouraged and is a kind of shorthand for guitar players a bit like music by numbers (don’t panic if this means nothing to you just yet you will learn)… unique for guitar so don’t try this on a piano!!

Some of my beginners have gone from zero to playing a favourite track in as little as 3 months by following the method, that tells you what is possible.  I have been fortunate enough to see others who have gone on to become accomplished players.

To help students further at no extra cost to them I have now introduced a dedicated website where they can go and, read lesson notes, log their practice sessions, watch helpful tutorial videos, track lesson payments and view lesson dates and more… really exciting feature that my current students are making good use of.

  1. We meet for the first introductory lesson where I find out where you are at with your playing,register your details  and discuss what you expect from your lessons.
  2. In the first lesson I will explain in brief things like posture, finger stretching exercises and fretboard exercises,guitar anatomy,tuning the guitar, pick technique and strumming and maybe give you your very first 2 chords to learn.
  3. At his stage we now look at how to maintain and change strings on your guitar, what a metronome is and how to  use one,capo use,this is a device that clamps onto the guitar neck and gives us varied sounds.
  4. Next up is introducing you to the CAGED system of learning chords.Don’t worry if this means nothing to you yet,it is a widely used system to help with chord construction on the fretboard,it will all be explained.We now look at the 5 Major chords C A G E D.
  5. We now look towards just 3 minor chords E A D ( I purposefully leave out the C and G minor)You are now encouraged to start strumming the chords learnt so far and we relate them to your song choice.
  6. If all is well with above then we go into the Dominant 7th chords or sometimes called 7th chords.There are 5 of these C A G E D as in the major chords.
  7.  You are now equipped with the 13 chords that will help access you lots more  songs.
  • You will get all necessary handouts, mp3 files, advice etc to allow you to learn these chords.
  • Your lesson content is logged and a practice suggestion is made for you using the Music Teachers Helper website.
  • We constantly review and re visit your learned chords to ensure you have them readily available beneath your finger tips.
  • We  take a look at playing in time using the metronome as an aid and make good use of some fun backing tracks.
  • Finally you will be shown how to play suggested rhythm patterns for guitar.
  • I have also written my own e book/learning guide and disc so you have a reference point with you throughout  just in case you forget stuff.
  • All in all you will receive a pretty comprehensive package that will see you well on your way to playing guitar.

The First Step…

Give me a call on 07341 907 301 or use the contact form here
to get in touch and discuss your goals.

Money Back Guarantee
Try before you buy come and meet for the first lesson and if you don’t enjoy you don’t pay…!


A Bit About Me

I have a particular interest in country/blues, classic rock, some folk, and popular music. I tend to play finger style lead/rhythm on acoustic and electric guitar, and rhythm with a pick. I also do lead and backing vocals.  I’m really keen on teaching basic guitar skills but if you want to develop advanced skills in the areas I have expertise in, then you should definitely give me a call.

Who I’ve Worked With

I had the pleasure of a TV company that work for the BBC that came to film myself and a student in September 2013 for a show that Catherine Southon presents ‘Put your Money Where Your Mouth Is’, you can see Catherine holding ‘George’ the strat copy guitar that was bid for by my student and he then wanted to donate it to me to provide a ‘loan guitar’ for new players, very kind indeed…


Daytime BBC show visits Pete's Guitar Lessons

Daytime BBC show visits Pete’s Guitar Lessons

I have had the opportunity to play and spend time with:

  • Pete Langman – Advanced rock, fusion, guitar techniques contributor
  • Merlin Rhys Jones. Funk ..Ian Dury and the blockheads, TV ads jingles nice guy great player
  • Si Mulvey..bass guitar..Dr and the Medics, currently working with Bay City Rollers (legendary 70s teen pop band) contributor to Bass magazine
  • Eric Roche ..acoustic guitar virtuoso…head of ACM Guildford Guitar Techniques contributor
  • Martin Keating…music producer. worked with some top names from the 60s and 70s /keyboard player.. currently runs and owns London Music School in East London
  • Bernard Purdy who is a fantastic drummer who has worked with Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan and more..a real character
  • Plus I’ve gigged with bands Interalia, pop covers Hit Squad and others in venues across London to include Dingwalls at Camden Lock.