Relevant as at July 2012

  • Did you know Guitar purchase has doubled over the last 10 years
  • Women are now more attracted to picking up guitar due to recent females in the charts… Amy Winehouse, Adele, Taylor Swift, Laura Marling and so guitar makers are making more smaller guitars to appeal to women.
  • Acoustic out sells Electric..
  • Music Industry association says 835,000 instruments sold in 2010…. compared to 450,000 in 1998

Is Rock dead?? Guardian 2010

  • Out of the UK’s Top 100 best selling songs only 3 featured Rock….Pop 40%, Dance 10%, R&B 47%….. mmmmm interesting!
  • Did you know that there are around 50 million guitar players worldwide… are you a part of this big club???
  • Whats the most amount of people to play the same guitar at once??
  • Find roger evans online to find out…..or contact me I’ll let you know

Top Tips  that’ll keep you tip top

  • Try to leave your guitar out on stand so you see it each day and when you pass you may just pick it up… it all counts towards your goal you know!
  • Keep good posture when guitar in hands…back straight, good supportive chair with no side rests.
  • Quick warm up exercise for fingers helps
  • Always check the tuning of guitar before playing
  • Consider pick type you use… I prefer a thinner more flexible pick for rhythm playing as it flows across strings nicely… but a thicker version to attack strings for single note playing.
  • Keep left hand nails short to help with fretting strings. And if your are a Classical player longer on the right hand

The First Step…

Give me a call on 07341 907 301 or use the contact form here
to get in touch and discuss your goals.

Money Back Guarantee
Try before you buy come and meet for the first lesson and if you don’t enjoy you don’t pay…!


  • Pete’s a great teacher, always very fair and honest. His website really reflects his personality and he always makes sure that the your’e happy with the lessons, if you are not happy with something then talk to Pete and he can fix it!  I’ve played for 15 years and had several tutors, I’ve always struggled with timing, but Pete took me back to basics and helped me get things tight. He’s completely changed my approach to playing, I recommend him highly!!!
    A Walker (Bromley Kent)
  • As a complete novice, I found Pete’s tuition easy to understand. Pete, himself, is very patient and his studio has a calm & pleasant atmosphere and his teaching relaxes you so that we also enjoy a laugh or two along the way.  In finding out which type of music I liked he was quick to adapt this to the song/s that I would be interested in learning to play, to keep my enthusiasm going whilst learning the guitar. Now I am progressing and am able to hear the beginnings of what sounds like the song I chose which is very satisfying for me.
    P Fisher (Orpington, Kent)