Pete is a genuinely nice chap and an excellent guitar tutor. His teaching methods are professional, friendly, thorough and fun. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and I am always excited for my next lesson. I was a complete beginner and the guitar has become my new passion, for which I have Pete to thank. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pete to anyone wanting to learn guitar from a professional, talented and friendly tutor who really cares about your progress.
L Richardson-Wyatt (Bickley, Kent)
I would be happy to recommend Pete to anybody who is interested in learning guitar.
C McTiffen (Chislehurst, Kent)
We had both tried lessons before with another tutor but without much success and so we just left the guitar alone for a good while.We decided to call Pete and this has led to us picking up guitar again and enjoying it this time, we are pleased with Pete’s approach and it is working really well for us.
Emma and Phoebe (Chislehurst and Keston, Kent)
Pete’s a great teacher, always very fair and honest. His website really reflects his personality and he always makes sure that the your’e happy with the lessons, if you are not happy with something then talk to Pete and he can fix it!  I’ve played for 15 years and had several tutors, I’ve always struggled with timing, but Pete took me back to basics and helped me get things tight. He’s completely changed my approach to playing, I recommend him highly!!!
A Walker (Bromley Kent)
I was struggling to get decent tuition that worked and was easy to follow, Pete solved all this for me no trouble at all, glad I found him but a bit like keeping your favourite curry house a secret I am reluctant to spread the word too far in case I cant get booked in.Just joking,would only be too pleased to help others by recommending Pete
Paul B (Folkestone, Kent)
A familiar story, one day I’ll learn the guitar….Well having finally decided after too many years that it was about time I did, I spoke with Pete. Hooray, a human being, who after a brief conversation left me with the feeling that here was someone who understood what I wanted.  Well like most things in life,trust that feeling and you wont go wrong. Due to a hectic diary I don’t see Pete as much as I’d like to, but when I do it’s fun, I learn and I come away enthused. I’m not Paul Simon yet, but with Pete’s help I’m enjoying getting there. Thanks Pete!
B Hotston (Bromley Kent)
As a complete novice, I found Pete’s tuition easy to understand. Pete, himself, is very patient and his studio has a calm & pleasant atmosphere and his teaching relaxes you so that we also enjoy a laugh or two along the way.  In finding out which type of music I liked he was quick to adapt this to the song/s that I would be interested in learning to play, to keep my enthusiasm going whilst learning the guitar. Now I am progressing and am able to hear the beginnings of what sounds like the song I chose which is very satisfying for me.
P Fisher (Orpington, Kent)